Frequently Asked Questions about LearnANYTHING

Do I need a password to access course downloaded?

No password. LearnANYTHING is a simple platform that only provides its users with downloadable Pdf files which contain course details, images, links, embedded videos etc.

What is your Returns Policy?

At LearnANYTHING we provide a course description to help you get an insight of the course you want to purchase since all our materials are in Pdf format and are available immediately you make payment, thus refund is not accepted.

Is there a download limit for purchased course?

No, you are allowed to download your purchased courses anytime anyday.

Can I use LaernANYTHING on mobile?

Yes LearnANYTHING is available on mobile devices via our website or mobile applications.  We are technologically abreast and we keep improving our platform to ensure you get easy, smooth and user friendly learning platform.

I have contents, can i sell it on LearnANYTHING?

Thank you for your interest, yes you can sell your contents or resource materials. Kindly click on the link below to for details on how to become a content developer on LearnANYTHING. https://learnanything.com.ng/application-content-developer/

Where can I find the sample template?

Log in to your account, on the upper right corner you will see the buttons to download your sample templates. Ensure you are logged in as a content developer and you accessing the portal using a tablet or computer.